Monday, August 8, 2016

VTU Chemistry CBCS List of Experiments


     PART A (Instrumental methods of Analysis)
1.   Estimation of FAS potentiometrically using std., K2Cr2O7 solution.
2.   Estimation of Copper colorimetrically.
3.   Estimation of Acids in acid mixture conductometrically.
4.   Estimation of Sodium and Potassium in the given sample of water using Flame photometer.
5.   Determination of pKa of a weak acid using pH meter.
6.   Determination of viscosity co-efficient of the given liquid using Ostwald’s viscometer.

     PART B (Volumetric Analysis)
1.   Estimation of Total hardness of water by EDTA complexometric method.
2.   Estimation of Calcium oxide (CaO) in cement solution by Rapid EDTA method.
3.   Determination of percentage of copper in brass using standard Na2S2O3 solution.
4.   Estimation of Iron in Haematite ore solution using standard K2Cr2O7 solution by External Indicator method.
5.   Estimation of Alkalinity (OH-, CO32-& HCO3-) of water using standard HCl solution.
6.   Determination of Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) of waste water.