Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Questions on Fuels

  1. What is a chemical fuel? Give its classification with an example.
  2. What is calorific value of a fuel? Explain the types of calorific value.
  3. Explain the determination of calorific value of a solid/liquid fuel by using Bomb calorimeter.
  4. What is Petroleum Cracking? Mention the methods of cracking. 
  5. Explain the fluidized bed catalytic cracking process.Explain the synthesis of petrol by Fischer-Tropsch method.
  6. What is reformation of petrol? Explain with examples.
  7.  Define the terms octane number and cetane number.Define Knocking. 
  8. Explain Knocking mechanism in a petrol (IC) engine.
  9. Explain Knocking in diesel engine.
  10.  Explain Knocking in diesel engine.
  11. Write a note on power alcohol (gasol).
  12. Write a note on Biodiesel.