Saturday, October 7, 2017

VTU Engineering Chemistry Questions


1.      What is Secondary Battery? Explain the construction and working principle of Zn-Air battery.   
       What are reference electrodes? Explain the construction, working and applications of calomel electrode.

2.   What is ion selective electrode? Explain the determination of pH of an unknown solution   using glass electrode.   
       What are concentration cells? Find the value of ‘X’ if the EMF of the cell
             Au/Au3+ (0.03M)||Au3+(X)/Au is 0.24 V at 25 0C.

3.     What are fuel cells? Explain the construction and working of Methanol-Oxygen fuel cell. What are Lithium ion batteries? Explain the construction and working of Li-ion battery.

4.  What is Rust? Explain electrochemical theory of rusting of Iron ? What is differential aeration corrosion? Write a note on pitting corrosion.

5.     What is electroplating? Explain electroplating of Chromium.  What is metal coating? Explain Galvanization.

6. What is cathodic protection? Explain sacrificial anode and impressed current method.  What is anodizing? Write a note on anodizing of Aluminum.

7.      Explain the Electrolessplating of Cu in the manufacture of PCB.
        Explain:  i) Polarization ii) Throwing power of electrolyte bath solution.